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A Triangle Theory for Personal Empowerment and Biblical Understanding


Dr. Philip Chacko’s Online with God provides a fresh perspective on the kinship between God and man. Dr. Chacko draws out the tripartite nature of the self in accordance with his maker. In short, just as God exists in three persons, he created everyone with four sets of triangles designed to be coherent and distinct. The problem: our triangles are often out of balance, causing disunity in our identity and actions. Online with God urges readers toward a posture of dependence on the Spirit of God to be formed into his likeness and balance their triangles.




C. Philip Chacko retired from the Christian ministry after forty-four years of serving churches in Texas. He authored worship materials used internationally in alignment with the liturgical calendar, including the Love on the Cross, Forty Days with Jesus, Women of the Cross, and Fifty Days to Power programs. Philip was raised in Kerala, a state along
the southwestern coast of India, where rich orthodox traditions were first instilled by the disciple Thomas in AD 52. After graduating
from Southern Asia Bible College in Bangalore, India, he came to the United States to study further at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and at Brite Divinity School in Fort Worth, Texas. At Texas Christian University, he earned his Master of Divinity and Doctor
of Ministry degrees. After more than twenty-two years as a pastor of Disciples of Christ churches, Philip became the area minister for
the Northeast region of Texas and served sixty-four congregations until 2006. He returned to pastoral ministry before retiring in 2019. He has
three adult children and three grandchildren.  He enjoys writing and gardening with his wife, Elizabeth, in Tyler, Texas.

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What they say...

“I have thoroughly enjoyed Online with God. I often read a book with the leading question: ‘Does this leave me thinking in new ways?’ The simple answer is, yes, it does! It offers a succinct description of spirit
and soul, mind, and body, and the relationship of these to the triangle of the Holy Trinity. It is refreshing and renewing to read. I will follow the forty days and read them again, one day at a time!”

“Rarely does one bask in an illumination of complex matters
that sparks a person to act and think in a whole new way about
God, the world, human life, and the intricate relationships among
them all. Dr. Philip Chacko has delivered such a description of the
character of God—‘the Trinity’ or ‘Triangle’ of relations—of One
Being as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, whose form of Life becomes
constitutive of the image that every human embodies.”

“Dr. Chacko is a man of faith as he radiates God’s light and love to all who know him. Through his teachings, he brings each of us closer to understanding the power of our living Lord. Online with God allows us to realize the connectivity we can
experience by keeping God as the center of our lives. Dr. Chacko reminds us of the discipline needed to be in harmony, so we can be led by God to do his will
and in return receive the fullness that only God can give. Your life can be changedif you embrace the triangle theory!”

Rev Dr. Tamara Nichols,

Dr. David P. Moessner,

Pylar Pinkston


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News & Events


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